Stinky the Pirate

Rrrr… Mattie!  Stinky Pete the Pirate here, A true Pirate of the Caribbean, not one of those pretty feather pirates.  I was Stinky Pete long before Pixar and Toy Story ever got a hold of my name.  You see me mother gave me to the pirates when I was a wee babe, that was all well and good, being raised by pirates is an amazing adventure, but one things pirates don’t do, is change diapers, so after a few weeks instead of calling me Pete, they started to call me Stinky Pete, and I’ve been Stinky Pete ever since. Lucky for me we lived at sea, so every now and then they could dip me over the side for a proper cleaning. Ha!

When Stinky Pete comes to your party, we can do face painting and turn everyone into pirates or princesses, do a proper Magic Show and a treasure hunt, and then balloon art and put a sword into everyone’s hands for some swashbuckling.  If you want a quite relaxing party “call for a princess” but for a party full of laughter, yelling, and tom foolery ask for Stinky Pete the Pirate!