Q: How far ahead should I book an event?

A: Most Saturdays are booked a month or more in advance. If possible, before you establish a party date, call BoBo for availability, this way BoBo can work with you to find a mutually convenient time on your calendar.

Q: Will BoBo put a date on hold for me while I check with my spouse?

A: BoBo offers a 3 hour hold for most events. After the 3 hr hold expires, someone else may claim the date if BoBo has not heard from you. In most cases, BoBo will attempt to call you first prior to booking the other client, but that may not always be possible.

Q: Does BoBo have references?

A: Yes, 100’s. Each of the testimonials can be phoned for verification and Todd has many more available. In fact, to date, we have never had an unsatisfied customer.

Q: Does BoBo perform at 1st Birthday parties?

A: Yes. The birthday baby’s cousins and friends ages 3 and up have a blast!

Q: What forms of payment does BoBo accept?

A: Personal checks and cash are preferred. Credit Card for large payments and corporate accounts.

Q: Is BoBo insured?

A: Yes. BoBo carries General Liability Insurance and can provide documentation upon request.

Q: Does BoBo have employees or other performers who he sends in his place?

A: No. If you book BoBo, you get BoBo. If BoBo is booked already, he may refer you to another performer in your area.

Q: Is it customary to tip?

A: BoBo is happy with what he makes without tips. However if you found BoBo’s services to be more than you expected, he’ll be happy to accept praise or a tip of your choosing. To date I have received tips from twenty dollars to one thousand dollars, and a child’s smile is worth far more.