Make your birthday party Magical

Make your birthday party Magical
Todd (67)Mostly, remember this is not a competition, it’s a party, keep it simple and keep it fun. A good party is one that has a nice flow to it, a beginning, middle, an end. I’ve been to thousands of parties in my life so far, and rule one is no one ever shows up on time, if your party starts at 3pm you can be sure most of you quest will finally be their by 3:30pm or later. Second don’t worry so much about feeding the children, kids like finger foods, something to grad and go, they like to play not eat. Any parent will tell you when we pick our children up after a party, on the drive home we will hear our children announce, I’m hungry, and I’m thirsty. And to truly make your child’s birthday party magical, be their, I can’t tell you how many parties I’ve been to where the mothers are in the kitchen having a margarita and talking with the other mothers about their life and day, and the fathers are in front of the TV watching some sporting event and drinking beer or BBQ, and I’m the entertainer off in some separate room almost baby sitting their children so they can socialize, the point here is their missing their child’s magical moment, and like so many moments in life you never get them back, it’s not so much what you do at their birthday party as that you are their experiencing/sharing that moment with your child.

Now, for the entertainment, I find a Clown, Pirate, Magician, Balloon Artist, Face Painter, are all wonderful choices for any party, here is a check list of questions to ask when looking for your special entertainer.
1.) Are you the performer/entertainer, or are you sending out someone else?
2.) What age range do you specialize in?
3.) Some performers bring candy or treats; let them know of any concerns, or food allergies someone might have.
4.) How long will you be performing for?
5.) Do you need anything from us for the party? I.e.: Table, chair, shade, water?
6.) Are you insured?
7.) What is your cancellation policy?
8.) May we take photos while you perform and interact with the children?
9.) Can you perform inside or outside if we need to move location?
10.) Do you require a deposit? And is their a contract we can look over and sign?
11.) Tell me what do you do during your show and will clean up be involved?
12.) How do you single out the birthday child and make this party directed towards him or her?
13.) Do you have references, and or a website?
14.) How much do you charge and do I need to tip?
15.) Do you take checks, credit cards, and or cash?
16.) What is your back up plan if you were to get sick or had an emergency.