BoBo the Magic Clown

Bobo the Magic Clown

BoBo performs many different characters and designs personal characters/mascots for company’s and corporations, some of these are: BoBo the Magic Clown, Stinky Pete the Pirate, Fumble Dum the Wizard, Santa Claus, Twinkle the Elf, and I know Mrs. Claus, I don’t play her. My Clowning style was taught to me by some of the leading children entertainers of our time and is very simple to follow, and I embrace today with all my heart.

  • Stay in the moment with children and give them your attention.
  • Never talk at or down to a child but with.
  • Always be professional and in control of your surroundings.
  • You are their to help make this, someone’s special day.
  • Always safe guard the children.
  • Mostly breathe and have fun.