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SmBoBoI’m Arizona’s Primer Family/Children’s Entertainer of 32 years, performing Magic, Face Painting and Balloon Art. Clowns, Pirates, Wizard, just an entertainer with no Makeup, Elf’s, Leprechauns, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and yes I know Mrs. Claus as well (I don’t play her). I’m licensed, bonded, Insured and finger printed (I work with schools, daycare centers, churches and library’s). I’m a father with a 20 year old son, and an 18 year old daughter. I have performed more parties then I can count and have worked with most of the major corporations and city governments in the valley: The city of Scottsdale, Chandler, Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Glendale, Ahwatukee, Anthem, Carefree, Apache Junction, Cave Creek, and Tempe. IKEA, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chick-fil-a, Applebee’s, McCormick Still-man Railroad Park, The Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts of America, Downs Syndrome Network of Arizona, and countless Churches, Libraries and Schools, and the lists keep going on and on and on.

If you book me for a party, you’re getting the best of the best, so it goes to say that I am not a cheap or an inexpensive performer, I’m the BMW, Lamborghini of performers in Arizona and the world.

Once you book me I will send an invoice via e-mail to confirm the party, then I will call you the day before the party, on the day of the party I will call you 5 to 10 min before I arrive so you can prepare everyone for the magical moment.

When I arrive the first thing I do is greet the guest with some silliness and hi-fives, this allows me to gage the energy of the party, who is out going, or shy, and if there are any issues that I need to be aware of. This only take a min or two and then I normally go right into face painting, all hypo-allergenic, water base professional face paints that wash right off, with soap and water. I use professional glitter, if it should get into eyes, mouths, or nose, it will flush out of the system with no harm. I can paint just about anything at this point of my career, so if you have a theme for your party I can paint for that as well, example; Just the other day I did a princess party, all the girls received painted tiaras on their four-heads, rosy cheeks and ruby lips. This year I have done countless “Frozen” Parties and lots of Pirate theme parties as well.

After face painting it’s time for a big magic show! And unlike other magicians who just stand there, my magic is very inter-active with the children, if there is a birthday child I will have them in part of the show, as well as use many of their friends, we will make things appear, disappear, fly around the room. I work with a rubber chicken so you can expect lots of laughter and silliness. At the end of the magic show I perform a dove pan trick, where we take confetti, and place it into the pan and magically turn it into a bowl of overflowing candy, so every child will get three, four, pieces each and no one gets hit with a stick! (If inside the confetti picks up easily with a vacuum cleaner).

After the magic show is a great time to do the birthday cake, a performer should be there for that, and it only takes a few min.

If there is any time remaining that’s a great time to do Balloon Art, flowers, swords, hates, lady bugs, and animals.

People pay me cash or check and I prefer to get paid at the end of the party, to have someone walk with me outside to my car, or into a private room, I do not like children to see that money is exchanged for any reason, in their eyes, I’m here for a party, and play, so let’s keep this magical. If the booking is large or you need to use your credit card, those arrangements can be made available. In some cases depending on the amount of the invoice a deposit may be required, usually with corporate accounts.

The most important thing is to make this a special, magical day, to be remembered by all. And by booking BoBo the Magic Clown and Friends you can ensure the very best premier entertainer for your special party, which your quest will be raving about for years to come, and you and your family will have amazing memories to last a life time!

Call for pricing and availability: 480-251-6002

Remember it’s always best to book your event, two to three months in advance, BoBo is extremely busy.     Thank you

Todd James Smeltzer – BoBo the Magic Clown/Santa
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