A little about BoBo the Magic Clown
Colwyn PictureMy name is Todd Smeltzer, I’m a professional children’s performer of 32 years a father of a 20 year old son, and a 18 year old girl and have lived in Arizona for over 28 years performing countless shows, I started performing when I was 8 years old and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City when I was 24. Always be Childlike, But Never Childish!

BoBo performs many different characters and designs personal characters/mascots for company’s and corporations, some of these are: BoBo the Magic Clown, Stinky Pete the Pirate, Fumble Dum the Wizard, Santa Claus, Twinkle the Elf, and I know Mrs. Claus, I don’t play her.

Todd (134)My Clowning style was taught to me by some of the leading children entertainers of our time and is very simple to follow, and I embrace today with all my heart.
1) Stay in the moment with children and give them your attention.
2) Never talk at or down to a child but with.
3) Always be professional and in control of your surroundings.
4) You are their to help make this, someone’s special day.
5) Always safe guard the children.
6) Mostly breathe and have fun.