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Santa Arizona (Todd Smeltzer) a real bearded Santa of 29 years, a family man with a son and a daughter, and has lived in Chandler, Arizona, for over 34 years now. He has been a professional children’s/family entertainer for the past 34 years, performing magic, face painting, balloon artistry, MC/Comedy, film, TV, Radio, and live performances. For 34 years, he has been a professional clown, going by BoBo the Magic Clown. Contact me today at (480)251-6002 to schedule a visit! It will be an honor to bring the Magic of Christmas to your family and quest.

About Santa Arizona

Meet Santa Arizona, a Michigan native and alumnus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. His journey as Santa began 28 years ago, sparked by a lackluster mall Santa experience with his son Joseph. Determined to reinvent the role, Santa Arizona embodies an elf-like spirit brimming with life, hope, and joy, bringing the true magic of Christmas to life.

He doesn't just pose for pictures; Santa Arizona plays, performs magic, sings carols, dances, tells stories, and spreads the true spirit of Christmas through sharing gifts, talents, and love. Dressed in over 18 exquisite, handmade outfits ranging from the classic Coca-Cola red and white to Victorian ensembles and contemporary designs in a spectrum of colors, each costing around $1,000. This year, he's introduced a Workshop Santa inspired by 'The Christmas Chronicle', a hit with all ages. Santa Arizona isn't just a man in a suit, he's a year-round celebration of the wonder of Christmas.

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Elevate your celebration with Santa Arizona and Friends. Perfect for any gathering, our team brings the festive spirit directly to you.

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Brian Bemisdarfer

Best decision ever for my sons 5th Bday Party. Bobo the Clown was completely entertaining to both the kids and the adults. The Magic act was great and the Face Painting was amazing. Definitely recommend. Great job Bobo!! 

Scott Campo

Amazing show was put on that entertained not only the kids, but the parents as well. BoBo knows his craft and makes smiles for everyone. This was a great time and even when a few of the kids started becoming a bit too excited, he knew how to contain them. I would watch this show again and again!

Anne Mason

BoBo was Great! He preformed balloon art for our event at McCormick Stillman Railroad Park and the City of Scottsdale. He made hundreds of balloons and was very popular with all the children. Thank you

Dov Levertov

BoBo adapted perfectly to the crowd, the kids loved him, he was spectacular to details on the painting, and had all the children focused on the magic show!

Anna Hernandez

Stinky Pete the Pirate was an absolute blast to have at my daughters 7th birthday. He’s funny, engaged all the children and even the adults. He kept it going the whole time. Money well spent! Great Job Stinky Pete!