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Bobo the Magic Clown


Why Bobo The Clown for Your Municipality Events?

Transform any event or gathering into an extraordinary occasion. Our services are customized to provide a unique and engaging experience for everyone!

Elevate Your Municipality Events with Bobo The Clown

Customized Community Entertainment

Engaging and Professional Performances

Versatile Offerings for Various Event Types

Unique Activities Include:

Public Magic Shows

Walkaround Entertainment

Photo Opportunities

Elevate Your Community Event with Bobo the Clown

Bobo's public services are not just about entertainment; they’re about creating an engaging, memorable atmosphere that resonates with your community. Perfect for  Let us add that special touch to your next public event!

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Brian Bemisdarfer

Best decision ever for my sons 5th Bday Party. Bobo the Clown was completely entertaining to both the kids and the adults. The Magic act was great and the Face Painting was amazing. Definitely recommend. Great job Bobo!! 

Scott Campo

Amazing show was put on that entertained not only the kids, but the parents as well. BoBo knows his craft and makes smiles for everyone. This was a great time and even when a few of the kids started becoming a bit too excited, he knew how to contain them. I would watch this show again and again!

Anne Mason

BoBo was Great! He preformed balloon art for our event at McCormick Stillman Railroad Park and the City of Scottsdale. He made hundreds of balloons and was very popular with all the children. Thank you

Dov Levertov

BoBo adapted perfectly to the crowd, the kids loved him, he was spectacular to details on the painting, and had all the children focused on the magic show!

Anna Hernandez

Stinky Pete the Pirate was an absolute blast to have at my daughters 7th birthday. He’s funny, engaged all the children and even the adults. He kept it going the whole time. Money well spent! Great Job Stinky Pete!