Bobo the Magic Clown

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BoBo with beard

A unique clown with a bearded twist, offering classic clown fun with a distinctive look.

BoBo Jr. 

A youthful and energetic clown, perfect for engaging and amusing younger audiences.

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Stinky Pete the Pirate

A swashbuckling pirate entertainer, bringing adventurous tales and pirate fun to any event.

Fumble Dum the Wizard

A mystical and entertaining wizard character, great for spellbinding performances and magical fun.

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Santa Arizona

A warm and jolly Santa impersonator, perfect for creating a traditional Christmas atmosphere.


A playful and spirited elf character, enhancing the festive spirit with cheerful antics.

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Easter Bunny

A delightful Easter Bunny character, bringing the joy of Easter with fun and excitement.


A mischievous yet endearing Grinch character, adding a unique twist to holiday celebrations.


Lucky the Leprechaun

A lively and charming leprechaun, ideal for St. Patrick's Day festivities.

Where's Waldo

An interactive and engaging character, bringing the fun of the classic search-and-find game to life.



Enchanting princess characters, perfect for creating magical and memorable experiences.


A skilled entertainer, captivating audiences with impressive juggling acts.


Stilt Walkers

Towering and impressive stilt walkers, adding spectacle and awe to any event.

Balloon Artist, Face Painters, Magicians, DJ, Glitter Tattoos, Henna Artist, AND MORE

A diverse range of entertainers, each specializing in their craft to bring creativity and excitement to events.